The Department of Education was introduced during the academic session 2004-05. Presently, it offers only General course but efforts are being taken up to introduce Honours course in the Department in the near future.


“To equip the students with different aspects of knowledge for the wholesome development of their personality and to prepare them to take up responsibility for citizenship and service in global community.”


  • To impart knowledge, attitudes and skills and train the students for various career and profession such as counseling, community work, teaching and research, Entrepreneurship, Management and Administration, etc.
  • To prepare creative, culturally competent, critically reflective graduates who possess deep knowledge in the fields of study and work collaboratively to achieve high quality education.
  • To develop future teachers who are not only well educated in their discipline but also possess human values, teaching skills and competencies and are culturally responsive and knowledgeable in their interactions with students and the society as a whole.


Smt. Mutunelu Soho

Experience : 7 years

Qualification : M. A. (NET)

Designation : Asst. Professor


Smt. Rose Kithan

Experience : 8 years

Qualification : M. A., (NET)

Designation : Asst. Professor


Shri. Wetshokhrolo Lasuh

Experience : 15 years

Qualification : M.A. (NET)

Designation : Asst. Professor & Head